The Microsoft Cloud Platform for business

The most extensive ecosystem of applications and services expressly targeted at business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AZURE

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Platform capitalizes on all the knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics and makes it available to companies of all industries and sizes, helping them in their 360° Digital Transformation.

NAV-lab provides consultancy for the transformation of the company’s infrastructure and enhances it with the Microsoft cloud platform. On the basis of the company’s needs, we intervene to create an infrastructure that is totally in the cloud, or hybrid, maintaining part of the solutions in an on-premise environment.

Microsoft is the only cloud provider with a global presence and business focus.
Its portfolio is complete with advanced cloud services and microservices that facilitate both multinationals and small and medium-sized businesses.

Work wherever you are and with any device!

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform services range from Office 365 to Microsoft Business Central ERP and CRM.

You can take advantage of email, Microsoft Teams tools for collaboration and a set of fully integrated management and personal productivity applications. In addition, the interfaces are familiar and shared, and the user experience is common, whatever the fixed or mobile device used.

Microsoft, thanks to huge investments, also provides data centers in all nations of the world including Italy.

Microsoft applies the stringent European regulations on privacy and data ownership: no other platform provides these guarantees. The Microsoft Azure cloud environment is secure and flexible and at the same time open to any type of software platform and can be used to design hybrid infrastructures (cloud+on premise).

For instance, the Business Central ERP environment can also be deployed on proprietary servers and the ERP can be simultaneously synchronized into the cloud solution.


Azure is the CLOUD platform created by Microsoft to enable organizations to manage services and solutions that previously required investment and deployment in local services and IT infrastructure.

Using cloud-based services means being able to accurately size the resources you need with total flexibility and scalability: this means investing in the resources that are really useful, based on the needs of your business, reducing the costs of companies in terms of production, maintenance and management of IT infrastructure.

In Azure you can use the same virtual machines and management tools you use locally and acquire resources for digital Storage and Backup, in total security for your business data.

Un’infrastruttura locale per effettuare il backup dei propri dati rappresenta, infatti, un investimento oneroso e non sempre assicura i dovuti standard di sicurezza per i materiali archiviati: un malfunzionamento dell’hardware, un virus o un semplice sbalzo di corrente possono distruggere il capitale di informazioni aziendali.

A local IT infrastructure for backing up one’s own data represents a costly investment and does not always ensure the necessary security standards for stored materials: a hardware malfunction, a virus or a simple power surge can destroy the company’s information capital.

With Microsoft Azure Backup, it is therefore possible to put an end to this uncertainty and at the same time significantly reduce costs thanks to the Cloud.

Microsoft Azure


The Microsoft Power Platform is designed to help companies streamline their end-to-end processes and introduce efficiencies so teams can focus on their core competencies and drive the business forward. The platform is easily integrated with other Microsoft products, which can act as data sources and collaboration, and consists of four tools that allow companies to turn their ideas into impactful solutions.

Power Apps enables you to develop professional-grade applications in a short time, reducing costs by 70 percent. These apps modernize and digitize complex business processes, with pre-built templates and rapid implementations.

Thanks to Power Automate, companies can simplify manual and repetitive tasks, allowing their teams to focus on what’s most important.
Low-code tools, pre-built connectors and improved workflows automate tasks including process approvals, form processing and more.

Power BI promotes a data-driven culture with self-service analytics capabilities. The tool allows users to discover and share meaningful insights derived from their data, so leaders can make informed decisions about what to optimize or prioritize.

Power Virtual Agents allows teams to build intelligent chatbots that handle customer and employee needs, without any code. The tool is based on an easy-to-use graphical interface, and chatbots are easily integrated into existing products and services.