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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Dynamics 365 Business Central

To drive business towards increasingly higher targets your company has had Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP available within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud suite since 2 April 2018.

This is a new innovative and technologically advanced online version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which has already been chosen by 6000 companies in Italy (130,000 worldwide).

With Dynamics 365 Business Central you can fully manage all company areas, including accounts and financial management, supply chain management, production, warehousing, sales and support, project management, business intelligence and reporting.

Thanks to the option of working within the Dynamics 365 Business Central system in several currencies and languages, your business can easily expand abroad. More than 40 languages are supported.

Business guide for replacing information management systems

Replacing company management software is easier and cheaper than you think. This guide outlines the advantages of a modern technology platform to further explain the benefits of a cloud solution, and illustrates the questions to consider when assessing the options available.

Dynamics 365 Business Central assists small and large companies that have the possibility of increasing efficiency thanks to the automation of processes and integration with Office tools familiar to resources, such as Outlook, Excel, Word, Teams, Sharepoint, with Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales, the Advanced Analytics of Power BI, with Contana Intelligence, and with automated workflows. It contains many advanced technologies, such as the Artificial Intelligence tool Image Analyser for reading and categorising images. The interconnected data in ERP trigger advanced analyses on company business, helping people to make intelligent decisions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central with Office 365: everyday work scenarios.

Improves efficiency because it connects company processes and personnel productivity.

The cloud platform enables secure access everywhere and with any device.

It adapts flexibly and in real time to business changes, meeting the requirements of company expansion. The scalability of the solution means users and/or new companies in a group, in Italy or abroad, can be enabled/disabled as required, resulting in prompt action and reduced costs.

The cost for the service includes everything, even continual product updates from Microsoft. Not only are customers free from the worry of costly migrations (apps and customisations are managed as ERP extensions), they will also always have a cutting-edge solution available.

With the NAV-lab Tempo Zero Cloud solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central can be enabled immediately in companies with considerable savings with respect to the customisations required, as it already contains the functions most used by typical Italian companies.

It is available as an online version (SaaS) and as an on-premise version.