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TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

NAV-lab APP for the management of manufacturing companies

TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM for Dynamics 365 Business Central

TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ERP in cloud that covers the typical features required by Italian companies in the Manufacturing sector.

NAV-lab has a long tradition of managing companies with manufacturing activities in several industries and it well knows both processes and changes demanded by the market.

For a long time, manufacturing processes (which involve the production of large homogeneous quantities of parts) have no longer followed a static plan-execution scheme. The exception has become the rule: design is constantly evolving, plans are reviewed frequently, subcontractors’ policy is flexible, delivery times are tight and safety margins are minimal.

To meet these needs, NAV-lab has developed the extension “Tempo Zero Premium”, that introduces a series of improvements to the “Dynamics 365 Business Central” manufacturing capabilities to provide companies with Flexibility, Efficiency and Control.

The proposed extension includes as a pre-requisite the Tempo Zero Cloud APP (including also the  FE Lite Cloud and FE Full Cloud APPs for electronic invoicing). Tempo Zero Cloud + Tempo Zero Premium allow the fast start-up of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ERP for managing your company in the cloud (with Saas – Software as a service).

Tempo Zero Premium

APP Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Premium): Capabilities

Assembly Management
Specify a list of sellable the items, raw materials, subassemblies, and resources as an assembly bill of materials that make up a finished item or a kit. Use
assembly orders to replenish assembly items. Capture customer requirements for the kit’s bill of materials directly from sales quotes, blanket orders, and
order lines in the assembly-to-order processes.

Standard Cost Worksheet
Give company controllers a reliable and efficient way to maintain accurate inventory costs. Work with standard cost updates in Business Central in the same way you would in an Excel spreadsheet. Prepare for cost updates without changing data until you’re ready.

Production Bill of Materials
Create bills of materials and calculate their standard costs.

Basic Capacity Planning
Add capacities (work centers) to the manufacturing process. Set up routings for production orders and material requirements planning. View loads and the task list for the capacities.

Machine Centers
Add machine centers as capacities in the manufacturing process. Manage capacity for each machine or production resource on a detailed level for machine centers, and on a consolidated level for work centers. Use machine centers to store default information about manufacturing processes, such as setup times and default scrap percentages.

Version Management
Create versions of manufacturing bills of materials and routings.

Production Orders
Create production orders and post consumption and output. Calculate net requirements based on production orders. Use a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to automatic planning. Get visibility and tools to manually plan for demand from sales lines and to create supply orders.

Finite Loading
Manage finite loading of capacity-constraint resources. Account for capacity constraints for periods to avoid overloading work centers. Calculate capableto-promise (CTP).

Make your business more powerful!
Add TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM to the basic capabilities included in the Business Central production area!

TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM: the benefits

Make your company's manufacturing area better and ``modern``: more flexible, more efficient and under control

TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM APP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Produce in the best possible way by easily controlling the unexpected of a product, already partially or totally assembled, which must then be disassembled and then reproduced in a different configuration; or by reopening the orders, those considered already closed, in order to modify them… Evaluate in a detailed and precise way which are the processes to assign to the subcontractors and which ones to work internally.


Efficiently manage a very wide range of items and therefore many bills of materials, even when a minimal technical evolution may require an updating. Make order closing activities less demanding, after the division of production into many orders of a few pieces.
Oversee the production progress, raw material and semi-finished product requirements and the processing in charge of subcontractors.

Here’s what you can do:
– disassembling a product
– reopening of a production order
– production order closure even if movements, adjustments and reversed ouput have been made
– indication of the components of the order to be sent to the subcontractor, those not to be sent or to be sent subsequently
– massive replacement of components on the production bills of materials to facilitate separate modifications
– massive closure of finished production orders
– statement with analysis of the progress of work order lines with identification of the status of transfers to subcontractors
– easy schedule and planning of requirements based on expected production and sales
– useful statistical details during production planning and on MRP/MPS prospectus
– advanced management of production progress
– advanced shipment and reception plan
– improvements in production printing, introduction of barcodes for work step feeds
– monitoring of Ouput / Consumption for the location


– Job movement report and evaluation
– BOM Valuation at Last Cost
– Analysis of the Production Orders with costs
– Traceability from Production Orders

Tempo Zero Premium


APP TEMPO ZERO PREMIUM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is released in Saas mode (Software as a service): an online service with an annual fee, depending on the number of users

Pre-requisite: TEMPO ZERO CLOUD  for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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