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Tempo Zero Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

APPs and extensions for managing your company with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Tempo Zero Cloud

Choose Tempo Zero Cloud for Dynamics 365 Business Central to modernise and increase the overall efficiency of your company. You will have the apps and extensions available that have been created by the Innovation Team at the NAV-lab R&D Department.

This set of functions is appreciated by hundreds of clients who are already using them with the Tempo Zero on-premise solution, and they are available in the Tempo Zero Cloud for Dynamics 365 Business Central on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis with a monthly/annual fee.

APPs and extensions are created by the Innovation Team at the NAV-lab R&D Department, which has been operating since NAV-lab was established in 2003, thanks to ongoing joint investment by the group.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central add-ons are the result of the best designs created over the years for NAV-lab customers who are leaders in their industries. Our experience with SMEs, innovation and continual technological updates are the foundation of our solution.

Tempo Zero Cloud apps and extensions enable companies that choose Dynamics 365 Business Central to save time and money when setting up ERP. The cost of customisations and their maintenance are drastically reduced.

Tempo Zero Cloud APP and extensions

The Tempo Zero Cloud for Dynamics 365 Business Central solution includes extensions that add and/or improve functions for Dynamics 365 Business Central in areas such as finance, operations and manufacturing. They represent those which are most requested and used by hundreds of users at various levels to make their work flow better and more effective.

It includes integrated management of electronic invoicing, which enables administration staff to work seamlessly and quickly directly within ERP accounts management.

Tempo Zero Cloud EI (electronic invoicing)

Tempo Zero Cloud EI meets full legal requirements (Budget Law 2018 for VAT registered companies and parties). Invoices are generated as XML files and an integrated dashboard in Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it possible to monitor the status of documents and incoming/outgoing invoice notifications. Includes the digital storage of invoices for 10 years.

Manages the complete process to generate, issue, register and store invoices within ERP, and integrates with the digital reporting processes of customers and/or suppliers.

Tempo Zero Cloud EI: advantages

People's work is easier and more fluid

Start immediately with the ERP, with a package of additional extensions developed for the typical Italian companies.

Do you need to add to Microsoft’s ERP the extensions that make you work immediately as a typical Italian company? Would you like to add customizations only if necessary? Do you want to be sure that these extensions will be costantly improved and integrated in line with the required innovations? Tempo Zero Cloud solution is the answer!

Your people need to keep working according to their established habits in SMEs and when an ERP is launched, they need customized developments, because the improvement, the expansion or addition of some features, the preparation of certain printouts and reports are essential to make work smoother and more effective!

You can activate the extensions you are used to or those you always wanted to have, even in your company: they are ready to use for your employees! We have realized them starting from the requests of our best Italian business clients and, thanks to them, we continue to add and improve them.

Here’s how Tempo Zero Cloud helps you, by cutting costs and time to start up your business with Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP: below you can find a non-exhaustive list of what you can immediately use in several business areas:

In the administrative area:

  • it adds the complete management of electronic invoicing and digital storage, directly from the dashboard inside the ERP (pre-requisite: FE LITE CLOUD and FE FULL CLOUD Apps);
  • it generates administrative reports suitable for the Italian enterprises, such as the T-accounts Trial Balance, the VAT Register, Vendor Aging and Customer Aging;
  • it expands the Split payment features;
  • It improves and adds: Letters of Intent, Accrual Date Management, Accounting Description, Customer Aging, Vendor Aging, G/L extra-accounting movements, Stamp duty charges, Price lists per customer.
As for Sales and Purchasing area:
  • it manages the free shipping documents, with the addition of a logistics document that generates a shipment document even without an associated order;
    it expands the rules for calculating and managing prices and discounts;
  • it increases standard features in grouped shipments and receipts, allowing you to send multiple lines of sales orders and to receive multiple lines of purchase orders from a single summary document;
  • it provides the do-not-delete rule of:
    – Sales Quotes and Purchase Quotes if converted into orders,
    – Sales Orders and Purchase Orders if completely fulfilled;
  • it adapts to Italian practice,operationalized documents, improving them such as Proforma Invoice, Sales Invoice, Sales Shipment, Sales Order Confirmation, Shipment Document, Purchase order, Credit Memo;
  • it provides order line closing features;
  • it contains warnings and automatic checks when compiling  data in active and passive documents;
  • it contains the Packing List in the management of sales shipment document and related print.


APP TEMPO ZERO CLOUD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is released in Saas mode (Software as a service): an online service with an annual fee, depending on the amount of invoices managed.

Pre-requisite: APP FE LITE CLOUD for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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