NAV-LAB: the specialists in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system 

NAV-LAB, a group specialized in business process management with ERP software, is the ideal partner for the implementation of IT systems in SMBs.
Since 2003 NAV-lab focuses its proposal on the ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (first called NAVISION, then Microsoft Dynamics Nav).  

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Welcome to NAV-lab

The ability to network of the 12 software-houses that makeup the group has allowed NAV-lab to concentrate its actions and investments on the needs of Italian companies, determining its innovative offer. 

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Microsoft House, 11th June 2019

The best projects and innovations born within each individual company of the group are pooled, shared and improved in the NAV-lab R&D lab. It is from there that the agile and fast solutions for the Italian companies, that choose to manage its business with the Microsoft ERP, come out.  

Tempo Zero is the result: it is the set of these solutions, composed of advanced technologies, applications and features that are added to the ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously called Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision). 

The name “Tempo Zero” indicates our priority intent: to reduce business COSTS by acting on the ERP start-up TIME factor, so dear to our entrepreneurs.

Thanks to consolidated methodologies, Tempo Zero allows that the start-up of the ERP takes place in a short time and completely covers the management needs of the typical Italian companies, resulting to be immediate and intuitive in use, also thanks to the training of the users.  Many customizations are no longer necessary. All this means a drastic reduction of costs

With our range of solutions, the investment made by the customer is guaranteed over time: a real example of this is the story of our Tempo Zero solution

In its on premises version: born in 2003, it has been constantly updated and improved, with annual releases, in line with those made by Microsoft on its ERP, and certified as an add-on by Microsoft (CFMD). 

In its cloud version: when, in 2018, NAV ERP evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, available online as a software as a service (SaaS), NAV-lab transformed the Tempo Zero add-on into a complete suite of extensions in CLOUD, first of all Tempo Zero Cloud

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Extensions add automations and improve the features of Dynamics 365 Business Central in the various business areas: they are the most requested and used customizations by the hundreds of NAV-lab customers and thousands of users. 

Tempo Zero Cloud for Dynamics 365 Business Central evolves into solutions for different industries.

The solutions that make up the Tempo Zero product range introduce many automated features: 

  • in the accounting and administrative area > the dashboard for the integrated management in the ERP of electronic invoicing and digital storage and the possibility to activate the advance management of the company treasury
  • in the production area > it extends and improves the “manufacturing” features of Microsoft Business Central, contains the management of measurements and controls in the Quality area, automates the management and calculation of commissions, extends the management of job orders.

Here is the complete list of our solutions:

The APPs maintain their characteristic of high quality and are in constant evolution: they are certified by Microsoft with very rigorous tests and are present on the Microsoft AppSource marketplace. 

Tempo Zero

TEMPO ZERO è la soluzione on premise standard di NAV-lab – disponibile in cloud su Microsoft Azure – che comprende funzionalità aggiuntive estese all’ERP Business Central e alle versioni ancora attive di Microsoft Dynamics NAV

*Microsoft Certified – CFMD

Tempo Zero Cloud

Tempo Zero Cloud è la soluzione di base messa a disposizione dal gruppo NAV-lab per permettere l’avvio veloce dell’ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central nelle aziende italiane di diversi settori, grazie ad un pacchetto standard di estensioni e funzionalità aggiuntive.

E’ prerequisito per la maggior parte delle altre App disponibili.

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero Premium

Tempo Zero Premium contiene funzionalità aggiuntive a Tempo Zero Cloud dedicate alle aziende con attività produttive

*APP Microsoft Certified
**APP per mercato verticale

FE Lite Cloud

FE Lite Cloud predispone all’interno di Business Central e con pochi click le Fatture Elettroniche B2B e PA in linea con quanto previsto dalla legge italiana

*APP Microsoft Certified

FE Full Cloud

FE Full Cloud gestisce con automatismi le Fatture Elettroniche e loro Conservazione Sostitutiva con cruscotto all’interno dell’ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero Tesoreria

Tempo Zero Tesoreria mette a disposizione un connettore tra Business Central e l’applicazione scelta per la gestione anticipata della tesoreria aziendale, attivando lo scambio dati con l’ERP e viceversa e favorendo analisi sofisticate sullo stato finanziario

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero Provvigioni

Tempo Zero Provvigioni automatizza la gestione e il calcolo delle provvigioni da liquidare ad agenti in Business Central

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero QMS

Tempo Zero QMS permette di gestire e tracciare le “Misure della qualità” , registrando precise valutazioni tecniche in senso quantitativo, nelle aree Vendite, Acquisti e Produzione di Business Central

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero Jobs

Tempo Zero Jobs permette di Gestire le Commesse in modo completo con funzionalità estese in varie aree quali Manufacturing e Assemblaggio

*APP Microsoft Certified
**APP per mercato verticale

Hotel Back Office

Hotel Back Office: back office alberghiero con Amministrazione e Controllo di Gestione con USALI reporting per catene alberghiere e hotel indipendenti

*APP Microsoft Certified
**APP per mercato verticale

PMS Interface

PMS Interface: integrazione di protel PMS per l’importazione dei dati giornalieri dal PMS nel software di back office alberghiero.

*APP Microsoft Certified
**APP per mercato verticale

POS Interface

POS Interface: prevede l’integrazione a 2 vie con i software di Point of Sale per la ristorazione e il retail

*APP Microsoft Certified
**APP per mercato verticale

Tempo Zero Smartprint

Tempo Zero Smartprint permette all’utente di gestire in modo agile e veloce le personalizzazioni delle stampe dei documenti aziendali in Business Central, come offerte, ordini e fatture.

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero Industry ADV

Tempo Zero Industry ADV: automatizza le funzionalità contabili per l’immissione dei dati delle paghe in Business Central

*APP Microsoft Certified

Tempo Zero Document Tracking

Tempo Zero Document Tracking: ricerca velocemente i documenti nell’ERP tramite un sistema di navigazione che li estrae e li organizza in formato leggibile per l’utente

*APP Microsoft Certified

*APP Microsoft Certified

Le APP NAV-lab “Microsoft Certified” sono le estensioni in Saas che hanno superato tutti i test richiesti da Microsoft per la loro certificazione e sono presenti nello store Microsoft AppSource

**APP per mercato verticale

Le APP NAV-lab “per mercato verticale” sono soluzioni che risolvono problematiche di gestione di specifici settori merceologici

L’elenco dei prodotti NAV-lab è in continua evoluzione in linea con gli sviluppi di nuove richieste della clientela

Non hai trovato la soluzione che cercavi?

NAV-LAB: the ideal partner for your IT project

The quality of the professional services and the assistance assured over the years, even in the phases following the realization of the project, are consolidated values in the NAV-lab group and appreciated by customers.

Our consultants have successfully implemented Italian and international ERP projects of different levels of complexity and for companies of different sizes and industries. These companies are now operating with an evolved management system and are able to grow in line with technological innovations, such as those inherent to Industry 4.0.

The experiences in different industries translate into models for the following vertical markets: agribusiness, hotels, chemical, commercial, foundries, mechanical, engineering, plastics, contract manufacturing, public and private healthcare, utilities.

NAV-lab completes its offering with cloud services from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and for Customer Service CRM, with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Automate.

The group is one of the most significant realities at the Italian level: with about a thousand installations, the Tempo Zero solution is ranked as the most used in Italy by companies that have chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) to manage their business (15% coverage of the Italian market).

Born in 2003 from the conviction of a group of entrepreneurs with common experiences in the management of business information systems and composed of 12 software-houses (7 partners and 5 associates) that count on the whole about 3500 client companies, NAV-lab has a total turnover of about 60 million Euros and 400 dedicated resources.

It is present all over the country with offices in Vercelli, Cuneo, Milan, Brescia, Lecco, Varese, Novara, Verona, Padua, Ferrara, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Prato, Rome, Salerno, Naples, Brindisi, Matera.

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