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Improve processes

Increase your margins

Increase people's digital skills

Enable your employees to feel at ease when working - they will be more likely to be proactive and achieve objectives.

Encourage innovation with flexibility

Use a convenient information system to manage new Industry 4.0 features

Obtain intelligent responses from data queries

Open your mind to new ideas thanks to advanced data analysis on all integrated company areas

The winning mix for managing SMEs

Technology, innovation and typical work methods in Italian corporate culture

Tempo Zero Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is ERP software created with a winning set of four innovative top-of-the-range products. This enables costs to be kept down by acting on the TIME factor, which is so important for our entrepreneurs. Extensions add and improve functions for Dynamics 365 Business Central in a variety of finance, operations and manufacturing areas. These are the most requested functions already used successfully by hundreds of users at various levels, and make our customers’ work more fluid and effective. The integrated management of electronic invoicing is included.


Cloud vs On Premise

Find out how a cloud model benefits your company compared with using a traditional on-premise solution.

Launch event: Tempo Zero Cloud for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Along with Microsoft, NAV-lab is launching a new Tempo Zero Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. This advanced, innovative solution is based on the latest Microsoft cloud technologies available for companies on a SaaS basis.

Dynamics 365 Business Central at the NAV-lab business meeting

Numerous marketing and commercial staff attended the meeting organised by NAV-lab to explore all commercial aspects relating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP with Tempo Zero by NAV-lab.

Follow your rate of growth with the cloud

How much do management costs affect your decisions?

How much do network and hardware costs affect your decisions when ensuring correct operation of your management system? There are various aspects to consider when pondering the 'convenience' of moving to the cloud, but one consideration must be paramount - it is the cloud that enables your company to have maximum flexibility and increased technological power. In practice, infrastructure can limit your expansion.

is the percentage of companies that have witnessed an increase in productivity outside the office environment, thanks to cloud technology.
is the percentage of companies experiencing growth whose personnel have said they use a mobile device to access work information while away from the office or computer.
Enterprise Resource Planning: Dynamics 365 Business Central

One connection between people, processes and systems

Know your company 360°

Get a complete overview of the company and make informed decisions with powerful reporting features and customised dashboards.

Integrated management

Integrate all company areas – finance and accounts, supply chain, production and warehousing, sales and support services, project management, business intelligence and reporting.

Works anywhere

Works on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – the experience will always be consistent and secure.

Manages processes

Automates and protects company processes with workflows and checks on traceability that are easy to create.

Grows at your speed

Prepare for growth, with a solution which is scalable in the cloud, and is easy to configure, manage and extend.

Digitalises documents

Starts by managing electronic invoicing and storage without exiting accounts management, and proceeds with digitalising all documents.

Convenience with familiar tools

Change from quotes to invoices without having to exit your mailbox. Data can easily be exported into Excel and documents can be created directly in Word.

Predictive intelligence

Attributes an appreciable significance which can be consulted immediately in relation to the data in your possession, with the integration of advanced Power BI analyses.


Our customers include companies of different size and in different sectors

We have set up Microsoft ERP with the Tempo Zero solution successfully in over 600 companies.
The Tempo Zero solution is actually more widespread among those who have decided to manage their companies with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our customers are companies of different size and in different sectors. They operate in Italy, many have business and/or production premises abroad, or they are companies operating in Italy with foreign parent companies.

You have peace of mind with our support services



Marianne Vierthaler

“One of the benefits has been in relation to stock costs, which have been optimised such that goods are only with us briefly in the warehouse, and with just a couple of clicks all the documents for incoming/outgoing goods are ready…”

Marianne Vierthaler

Operations Manager at Febi S.r.l.
Alessandro Bresolin

“We have integrated a control panel into one tool, which allows me to plan production, check the status of orders, and analyse margins…”

Alessandro Bresolin

Operations & Supply Chain Director at Gasparini Industries S.r.l.
Paolo Mantoan

“To date the objectives achieved include a reduction in delivery times of around 50%, with a 20% reduction in stock value…”

Paolo Mantoan

IT Manager at Carimali S.p.A.
Easy Electronic Invoicing

Tempo Zero Cloud EI App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The dashboard created by NAV-lab is an Italian success which manages electronic invoicing and storage directly within Microsoft ERP. It is used by hundreds of people working in the accounts departments of our corporate customers, and in the first two months of 2019 alone generated approximately 500,000 invoices.

Digital management

Manages the digital process for the entire invoice lifecycle, including them in the digitalisation of all reporting processes with customers and/or suppliers.

Integrated dashboard

The work of accounts clerks is made easier because they can operate directly within the ERP, using the dashboard with its convenient display.

Precautionary checks

Facilitates problem-free management. Includes a program to enable bulk VAT checks, and buttons are available to check tax codes and VAT registration numbers when entering new records.

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