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TEMPO ZERO QMS: Measurements and Quality Control

NAV-lab APP for the management of Measurements and Quality Control in in Sales, Purchases and Manufacturing

TEMPO ZERO QMS for Dynamics 365 Business Central

TEMPO ZERO QMS per Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the extension that allows the management and traceability about Measurements and Quality Control, with technical and quantitive evaluations.

The quality of a product or a service is influenced by many interacting activities (design, supply, production). Tempo Zero QMS offers a series of tools to support the company in this activity in Sales/Purchases and Manufacturing

This proposed extension requires Tempo Zero Cloud as a prerequisite.

APP submitted to Microsoft certification

Examples of integration in Business Central of Quality records with Tempo Zero QMS APP

Control Cards

Qualita - Carte di Controllo

Control Order

Qualità Ordini di Controllo


Qualita - Non Conformita

Non-Conformity Cards

Qualita- Non conformita Schede

New fields for Control Card

Tempo Zero QMS Premium Qualità in produzione

New fields for Production Order issued

Tempo Zero QMS Premium Qualità in produzione

“Apri carta di controllo”: function to open a control card for released production order lines

Tempo Zero QMS Premium Qualità in produzione

“Crea Carta di Controllo”: function to create a control card for released production order lines

Tempo Zero QMS Premium Qualità in produzione
Tempo Zero QMS : Advantages

Measure the Quality in your business with Tempo Zero QMS!

Keep quality measures under control from your desktop!


The management of quality controls on incoming products allows to define parametrically, for each type of product managed, the following information:

– Control tests to be carried out by item type: it is possible to create different control cards to record the measurements linked to a specific item in line with its purchasing or production process. The “Control Card” is created according to the various measurements that you decide to carry out and is linked to one or more items.

– Admissible values and control parameters

– Measurement historicization made on the single Purchase or Production Orders with the Quality Instance cards

– Cards of Measuring instruments.



A control order allows to manage the controls of the quantities, received by purchasing or subcontracting, that are subject to inspection.

The incoming quality control management allows to manage the following information:

– Control order management linked to the input documents, subcontracting shipping documents and production orders.

– Control with traceability by Series No. and Lot No.

– Control sample sizes

–  Conformity and NonConformity posting

– Loading of the warehouse location or specific placement of items (with the Quality Set Up) in relation to a receipt from vendors or subcontractors.

The conforming quantities are put and moved to the receiving location/placement while the non-conforming quantities are transferred to the non-conforming materials location/placement.



NonConformity management allows the compilation of cards for each item and document and production order to evaluate:

– Return from customer (customer non-conformity)

– Return to vendor (supplier non-conformity)

– Internal and/or production process activities (Process Non-Conformity)

Each NonConformity is followed in its evolution, defining: Type / State / Defects / Solutions / Result of Solutions / Closure.

The item database is linked with an “item card” to the quality measures, where the sampled quantities, non-conforming quantities and control card models are indicated.

Tempo Zero QMS -Misure della Qualità


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