Fe Lite Cloud: e-invoicing in the Microsoft Business Central ERP

Fe Lite Cloud

The FE LITE CLOUD APP for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows the accountants to prepare the invoice in .XML format and manage B2B and PA e-invoices sending to the SDI intermediary, through a few simple clicks, within the ERP.

The management is complete and in line with Italian laws, both in the active and passive invoice process.

FE LITE CLOUD is pre-requisite for the FE FULL CLOUD APP that adds, in the accounting section of Dynamics 365 Business Central, the integrated dashboard for the complete management of issuing, recording, monitoring and storing invoices.

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FE LITE CLOUD for Business Central is a valuable aid in the administrative offices, because it properly prepares the accounting documentation to allow the company to proceed with the transmission of e-invoices to the AdE – Agenzia delle Entrate, via the chosen intermediary.

FE Lite Cloud meets your users’ needs

Managing the e-invoicing out of the management software is a hard work and it causes huge costs and waste of time.
The same is true for preparing files and transferring them from the web portal of the Italian Revenue Agency or SDI intermediary to the ERP and vice versa, because errors and omissions may occur.

Thanks to FE Lite Cloud, your accounting clerks can invoice quietly and safely, as for sales and purchasing e-invoicing, because everything is set up to be done smoothly: you can transfer your e-invoices to the Italian Revenue Agency through the intermediary you choose.

Integrated master data

The App integrates your customers’ database and tables with the data to issue the invoices, saving a lot of time and avoiding manual errors.


You can manage all the CIG e CUP information about e-invoicing to the Public Administration.

Information on sales documents

All the information, obtained from your database, is saved on sales cycle invoicing documentation.

Purchase e-invoicing

As for the purchasing cycle invoicing, instead, FE LITE CLOUD allows you to download the e-invoices from the SDI, checking them; it also allows you to enter them into in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, smoothly.

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To activate the APP it is necessary to contact NAV-lab for INFO COSTS and SUPPORT for download and implementation.
It is necessary to sign the relative online service contract with a monthly/annual fee (SaaS – Software as a Service).
The cost of the service varies according to the number of users.