Focus on the customer: from listening to needs to proposing advanced solutions 

The services offered: the heart of NAV-lab activities 

The satisfaction of the customers who choose the solutions proposed by NAV-lab is closely linked to the ability of our resources to fully understand their requests and to transform them into solutions that facilitate the customers’ business. 

Required skills

Achieving good results involves a deep knowledge of business processes, as well as a deep understanding of the features included in the various sections of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP with Tempo Zero solutions. 

It is only through the intersection of these instances that it is possible to start winning projects in companies, leveraging the NAV-lab standard solution and the Tempo Zero Apps to the maximum and intervening where specific needs require it. 

The expertise of NAV-lab consultants is therefore considered fundamental and for this reason the continuous training of NAV-lab resources, proved by the attendance of our consultants at national and international meetings and the Microsoft certifications obtained, is at the first place. 


Working together with the customer

From the consulting phase comes the design and implementation of the project.

In the NAV-lab group there are expert consultants in various fields. On the basis of what emerges from the meeting with the customer, the consultants are activated to set up the projects planning their realization together with the company referents. 

Special attention is paid, during the start-up phase, to the training of users with the aim of making them able to use the ERP or CRM independently. 

High quality support 

Once the project has been launched in the company, we move on to assistance that guarantees support for any difficulty that may arise during daily work, intervening to reinforce user training or to intervene – if necessary – with new customizations to bring the solution ever closer to the company’s working methods. 

Cloud Services

The assistance includes the provision of system services to allow the complete integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with all the most advanced technologies and tools offered by the Microsoft Cloud Platform. This is the integration that makes your company powerful! 

The services that grow digitalization in your business

An important aspect that is always included in the consulting services offered is the ability to propose new solutions with more effective and efficient working methods. NAV-lab takes what is required from customers who are leaders in their fields and helps them to grow by implementing it: the experience gained is pooled within the group, the knowledge increases and is passed on to customers. 

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