Fe Full Cloud: for managing electronic invoicing and digital storage in the ERP

Fe Full Cloud

With the FE FULL CLOUD extension, NAV-lab has set up a dashboard within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows for intuitive and easy all-inclusive management of electronic invoicing and digital storage.

Automate your processes!

Your accounting clerks can invoice quietly and safely, avoiding errors thanks to the FE FULL dashbord inside the accounting management of your ERP: everything is set up to be done automatically.

Your accounting users can also make the purchasing cycle invoicing faster and reduce errors thanks to the autofill, as well.

FE FULL CLOUD includes the generation of invoices in .XML format (required by law), with the FE LITE CLOUD App (its pre-requisite), the incoming/outgoing invoice notifications, the monitoring of the request outcome (acceptance or rejection), notifications trasmission, the invoice download…

FE FULL CLOUD is the most popular APP for users who manage business accounting.

Fe Full Cloud DEMO: how to manage electronic invoicing in Microsoft Business Central? (ITA)

The final goal of the FE FULL CLOUD App is to contribute to the digitization of all business documents and all processes of relationship with customers and/or vendors.

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APP Microsoft certified

Available on

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Tempo Zero Cloud
with Fe Lite Cloud

FE FULL CLOUD: benefits

Issuing invoices (sales cycle invoicing):

Integration with the ERP: the user creates from his dashboard in Dynamics 365 Business Central the electronic invoices to PA or B2B directly from his account, without worrying about the operations with the intermediary (that are done automatically).

  • E-invoice issuing from the dashboard and inserting of standard tests in the invoices issued
  • E-invoices editing in the dashboard before being sent to the intermediary
  • Temporary Invoice check
  • Invoice issuing directly from the management system and automatic sending to the intermediary
  • Notification tracking on the dashboard
  • Summary printouts
  • Export of customer part numbers (Cross Reference)
  • Deleting or replacing special characters that cannot be managed in FE
  • Purchasing digital signature not required
  • Automatic transmission to the Italian Tax Agency’s system (SDI)
  • Your mailbox is not filled with SDI notifications
  • Digital storage for 10 years
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central multi-company, multi-database solution

Receiving invoices (purchasing cycle invoicing):

  • Invoices received from suppliers directly in the IT management system
  • Manual or automatic matching of loads related to received invoices
  • Activation of the line management procedure and control messaging
  • View temporary/recorded documents from the dashboard and vice versa
  • Creation of documents with proposed standard purchase codes
  • Check of suppliers existence on files, system notification if supplier is new
  • Preparation of the new vendor’s card in the database, according to the received data
  • Check of the presence of a vendor document with the same document number
  • Data tracking of the document received and its storage
  • Easy data recording of invoices by partial automatic form compilation
  • High level of integration with products, through the dashboard in Dynamics 365 Business Central, with important data of the invoices received and attached files displayed.
  • Digital storage for 10 years of the sales and purchasing cycle documentation, receipts and notifications
  • Multi-database and multi-company Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions

FE FULL CLOUD: screenshots


Dashboard: interactive menu with Passive E-Invoicing indexes

Dashboard: interactive menu with active E-Invoicing indexes
(Importing payrolls)

Displaying the number of documents processed in a specific period

Log in the active E-Invoice: display of rejected invoices


Verrai richiamato dai nostri specialisti nell’ERP Microsoft e nella suite di App Tempo Zero .
I nostri consulenti sono a tua disposizione per approfondimenti su contenuti, funzionalità, modalità di fruizione a beneficio della tua azienda e per una demo personalizzata.


Per attivare l’APP è necessario contattare NAV-lab per INFO COSTI e SUPPORTO per download e implementazione.
E’ necessario sottoscrivere il relativo contratto di servizio online a canone mensile / annuale (SaaS – Software as a Service).
Il costo del servizio varia in base al numero utenti.