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FE FULL CLOUD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

It’s an APP by NAV-lab that automates the E-invoicing management

FE FULL CLOUD for Dynamics 365 Business Central

An all-inclusive and integrated management of e-invoicing and digital storage that allows to work, at administrive level, quickly and safely thanks to the dashbord inside the accounting management of your ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

FE FULL CLOUD is the most appreciated APP by the accounting users and clerks.

It adds an integrated dashboard, in Business Central, to the APP FE LITE CLOUD essential functionalities (pre-requisite to create invoices in XML format). So, you can manage the complete process to generate, issue, register and store invoices within ERP.

FE FULL CLOUD also integrates with the digital reporting processes of customers and/or suppliers.

FE FULL CLOUD: an APP under the law and the valid aid in your accounting

Do you need to make your accounting staff’s work fluid and fast? Do you need to send and receive e-invoices or to keep them WITHOUT getting lost among off-site web portals, clogging up your PEC inbox, worrying about the digital signature and searching for notifications? We have the solution for you!

Meet your users’ needs

Managing the e-invoicing and the digital storage out of the management software is a hard work and it causes huge costs and waste of time.
The same is true for transferring files from the web portal of Italian Revenue Agency or SDI intermediary to the ERP and vice versa, because errors and omissions may occur.

Automate your processes

Your accounting clerks can invoice quietly and safely, avoiding errors thanks to the FE FULL CLOUD dashbord inside the accounting management of your ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: everything is set up to be done automatically.

It includes the generation of invoices in XML format (required by law), the incoming/outgoing invoice notifications, the monitoring of the request outcome (acceptance or rejection), notifications trasmission, the invoice download and the error checking.

Your accounting users can also make the purchasing cycle invoicing faster and reduce errors thanks to the autofill, as well.

FE FULL CLOUD for your E-INVOICING: the advantages

People's work made easy and quick

Here are the most appreciated advantages by accounting clerks

When issuing invoices (sales cycle invoicing):

  • Integration with ERP: from the Dynamics 365 Business Central, dashboard users can create electronic invoices from their account, which are sent directly to government departments or B2B, without worrying about operations with intermediaries
  • Checking interim invoices
  • Issuing invoices directly from the management system
  • Tracking notifications on the dashboard
  • Summary printouts
  • Purchasing digital signature not required
  • Automatic transmission to the Italian Tax Agency’s system (SDI)
  • Your mailbox is not filled with SDI notifications

When receiving invoices (purchasing cycle invoicing):

  • Invoices received from suppliers directly in the information management system
  • Check of suppliers existence on files, system notification if supplier is new
  • Check of the presence of a supplier document with the same document number
  • Easy data recording of invoices by partial automatic form compilation
  • Data tracking of the document received and its storage
  • High level of integration with products, through the dashboard in Dynamics 365 Business Central, with important data of the invoices received and attached files displayed


  • Digital storage for 10 years of the sales and purchasing cycle documentation, receipts and notifications
  • Multi-database and multi-company Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions
App FE FULL per Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


APP FE FULL CLOUD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is released in Saas mode (Software as a service): an online service with an annual fee, depending on the amount of invoices managed.

Pre-requisite: APP FE LITE CLOUD for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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