Tempo Zero COA: the extension for cost accounting in the Microsoft ERP

Tempo Zero COA is the APP by NAV-lab that opens up cost accounting features included in Dynamics 365 Business Central standard to different sources

Meet the needs of your cost accountants!

Do you need to monitor your business with management information related to forecast data and/or areas other than accounting?

Do you need to manage in detail forecasts for orders issued or received, payroll accounting, cost centre or job order accounting?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP includes features to handle Cost Accounting, with
the possibility of acquiring General Ledger entries with the matching between accounts and cost types and
dimensions and cost centers.

How Tempo Zero COA helps you

It often happens that companies have the need to manage their business with management information
linked to forecast data or to areas other than accounting ones.

An example of this are sales and purchase data or the internal values linked to resources activities, such as salaries, travel and management costs, which are provided in a more detailed form or in a more organized form by cost types and cost centers.

In the Business Central standard, the only possibility of entering these additional details would be to
prepare the data in an external medium (the classic Excel sheet or sources of non-accounting movements)
and then set up a manual recording in the industrial accounting.

TEMPO ZERO COA adds to Dynamics 365 Business Central the capability to define custom sources and rules
to acquire cost entries from various sources.

The app that automates and completes cost accounting management

Tempo Zero COA app helps you to easy manage cost accounting in Microsoft Business Central, thanks to automations to facilitate the entry of cost information that the company needs to monitor, thus reducing typing errors.

A worldwide app

TEMPO ZERO COA does not depend on any other app other than the standard ones so it can be installed in
any environment, even internationally, and provides events and entry points to insert custom data
acquisition from specific customer’s data sources.

For the specific fiscal needs of the Italian companies, there’s also the addendum called TEMPO ZERO COA PLUS that enhances Tempo Zero COA app and hooks up to Tempo Zero Cloud app for the typical capabilities of Italian accounting and administrative management.

logo App Tempo Zero COA Contabilità Analitica e industriale in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Navlab

APP Microsoft certified

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App Tempo Zero COA amplia la Contabilità Analitica Industriale in Microsoft Business Central | Navlab

Tempo Zero COA: additional features to the Microsoft ERP

BENEFITS for users:

  • introduction into the ERP standard of an environment for the use of modular features
  • introduction of automatisms that facilitate the work of the employee
  • reduction of errors due to manual typing

Extending the capabilities of the company’s standard environment with the acquisition of detailed information deemed significant, such as

  • orders,
  • loads and shipments,
  • movements of other group companies
  • the app allows you to add to the library of acquisition sources also functions made in other apps referring to non-standard archives
  • the capability of eliminating generated entries as required
  • a complete cost accounting is available

Tempo Zero COA: screenshots

Setup of standard data acquisition procedures in Cost Accounting,
with the capability to configure data import into analytics from custom sources

VIdeata App Tempo Zero COA: Setup delle procedure standard di acquisizione dati in Cost Accounting | NAV-lab

View of cost movements acquired, with their area of origin (each register contains N movements by area of origin)

Screenshot App Tempo Zero COA: vista dei registri dei movimenti di costo acquisiti | NAV-lab

Details of cost movements acquired in cost accounting (with a link to the navigable source movement)

Screenshot App Tempo Zero COA: dettaglio dei movimenti di costo acquisiti in cost accounting | NAV-lab

Capability to specify the accrual date for cost accounting based on the type of movement to be posted

Screenshot App Tempo Zero COA: specifica la data di competenza per il cost accounting | NAV-lab

Check of analytics data also possible directly via browser (pivot) and fully configurable by the end user

Screenshot App Tempo Zero COA: analisi dei dati di analitica | NAV-lab

The CONTABILITA’ PLUS package, provided by NAV-lab, is a set of features included in Tempo Zero CloudTempo Zero COA , Tempo Zero COA Plus, and other NAV-lab Apps, which enrich the Microsoft ERP with automatisms and allow different users to interface.

With Contabilità Plus you make the work of accounting staff easy!

analisi dei dati contabili con Contabilità Plus | Navlab
analisi dei dati contabili con Contabilità Plus | Navlab


Verrai richiamato dai nostri specialisti nell’ERP Microsoft e nella suite di App Tempo Zero .
I nostri consulenti sono a tua disposizione per approfondimenti su contenuti, funzionalità, modalità di fruizione a beneficio della tua azienda e per una demo personalizzata.


Per attivare l’APP è necessario contattare NAV-lab per INFO COSTI e SUPPORTO per download e implementazione.
E’ necessario sottoscrivere il relativo contratto di servizio online a canone mensile / annuale (SaaS – Software as a Service).
Il costo del servizio varia in base al numero utenti.