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TEMPO ZERO TESORERIA for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

APP by NAV-lab for advance corporate treasury management

TEMPO ZERO TESORERIA for Dynamics 365 Business Central

TEMPO ZERO TESORERIA for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the APP that activates the connection between Internal and External Financial Data to the ERP, thus opening the way to reliable decisions on the economic and competitive future of your company.

It is suitable for companies that see the Administration and Accounting departments as the central core for business decisions and need to add data concerning national banking services to the information and controls, already set up in Business Central.

TEMPO ZERO TESORERIA extension meets the requests of companies with a certain complexity and, in particular, the needs of groups of companies that have to manage a multiplicity of bank accounts and relations with financial institutions.

The proposed extension includes, as its pre-requisite, the Tempo Zero Cloud APP

This APP is subject to Microsoft Certification

Advanced Treasury Management

There are a number of sophisticated applications that allow the Advanced Treasury Management.
One of these is DocFinance, for which NAV-lab is the distributor.
The operations that can be carried out are summarised below:

  • Forecast and accounting schedules
  • Control of banking conditions
  • Forecast financial positions, cash and credit line
  • Forecast and Actual Cash flow
  • Collection and payment slips optimisation
  • Cash Pooling, Account Name, Centralization of funds
  • Volume and cost statistics
  • Integration of CBI, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH and EBICS standards

By implementing the TEMPO ZERO TESORERIA extension in Business Central, you enhance the functions included in the Finance area.

Activate the data exchange between the ERP and the external Treasury Management application and vice versa: avoid unnecessary duplications and optimise the timing of bank registrations!

The integration of bank data with those of the ERP allows you to obtain advanced analyses on the economic and financial status of the company, helping you to make decisions on future actions.

Thanks to Tempo Zero Tesoreria, even the most complicated banking situation becomes clear and simple.

Tempo Zero Tesoreria for Business Central: benefits

Enhance your Finance area with Treasury management

On your desktop, you will get comprehensive financial information to anticipate your company's future.

Tempo Zero Tesoreria provides a connector between Business Central and the application chosen for the advance management of the company’s treasury.

This allows the Finance Manager to know in detail and on time the status of:

  • bank accounts
  • conditions applied
  • availability
  • credit lines
  • loans
  • investments

It also allows you to make comprehensive assessments of your financial situation, anticipating how your business will evolve in the future.

The finance section in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central already takes into account many factors that are closely related to each other: from the expenses made and those expected with the various suppliers (of materials, services, or outsourced work), to data regarding incoming orders and those regarding customer liquidity. It takes into account credit lines and loans granted by the banking system.

Tempo Zero Tesoreria completes this information with that deriving from the integration with Remote Banking services.

The documents exchanged between the ERP and the treasury management APP are:

  • aging
  • accounting movements / ledger entries
  • import of past due amounts (from RIBAs) from CBI flow
  • Customer and Supplier orders
  • Master data alignment
  • Chart of Accounts

In this way, every day you will also be informed about movements and forecast flows, obtaining on-line analysis with the forecast balances, cash flows, NFP (Net Financial Position).

On his desktop, the CFO can have an overview of daily activities and can consult statistics on bank costs, volumes and rates.
The Financial Manager, therefore, can know in detail and in time the status of bank accounts and conditions applied, cash, credit lines, loans, investments.


APP TEMPO ZERO TESORERIA for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is released in Saas mode (Software as a service): an online service with an annual fee, depending on the number of users

Pre-requisite: APP TEMPO ZERO CLOUD for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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