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Tempo Zero INDUSTRY ADV: the APP for automatic import of payroll data

APP to enhance the administrative area in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Tempo Zero INDUSTRY ADV: it automates payroll data entry

The extension includes a feature that allows you to import the payroll accounting entry from a structured excel / csv file: the employee can upload the complex entry without having to re-enter it, thus saving time and avoiding errors.

Tempo Zero Industry ADV is the APP developed and managed by:

Microsoft Certified APP

The proposed extension includes the Tempo Zero Cloud  APP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a pre-requisite.


Tempo Zero Industry ADV in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – screenshots

Tempo Zero Industry AD: Menù Paghe

Payroll menu
Menu items related to the payroll import featurehe

Tempo Zero Industry ADV: pagina di Setup per collegamento consulente e conti Business Central

Setup page – linking consultant accounts to BC accounts
In this screen, the company indicates for each account used by the consultant which is the corresponding account in the entries in BC.

Tempo Zero Industry ADV: Setup Importazione Paghe

Setup of payroll import
Screen with the setup necessary for the importation of payrolls

Tempo Zero Industry ADV: Pagina importazione paghe

Payroll Import Page
This page shows the selection to be made in order to upload the XLS files

Tempo Zero Industry ADV: Paghe da registrare

Payroll to be posted
List of entries uploaded and to be posted to confirm them in the general led

Tempo Zero Industry ADV: here's how it helps your employees

The automatisms that make people's work fluid and without digitalization errors

Here's how Tempo Zero INDUSTRY ADV helps you with payroll data entry in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The costs of employees and collaborators are kept under control by the company on a monthly and annual basis. These costs are determined by the specific items used by the individual company and the parameters are usually agreed upon with the labour consultants

To manage these data, the Business Central standard requires the manual entry of information and this needs time and a lot of attention to avoid mistakes in understanding and digitizing.

By using Tempo Zero INDUSTRY ADV these entries – instead of being handwritten – are automatically acquired in Business Central by simply feeding the Excel/CVS file that is made available.

Through the compilation of a specific setup, it is possible to reclassify the parameters provided by the consultant, on the basis of specific business needs.



In order to implement TEMPO ZERO INDUSTRY ADV for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central APP, it is necessary to subscribe to the related online service by paying an annual fee (SaaS – Software as a Service).

The cost of the service depends on the number of users

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