POS Interface: a 2 way integration with Point Of Sales software for restaurants and retail

POS Interface

POS Interface is the App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that creates an interface with several POS for back office of hotels and hotel chains.

The POS Interface extension allows the import of daily data from POS such as iSelz (provided by Serenissima Informatica), Micros Simphony (provided by Oracle Hospitality).

The app is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central con Tempo Zero Cloud and is Hotel Back Office app integrated.

POS Interface per Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

APP Microsoft certified

Available on

Microsoft AppSource marketplace

App developed by:

Serenissima Informatica socio NAV-lab

POS Interface: features

Point of sale management

POS Interface can be highly parameterized to manage the different outlets and the different cash workstations by connecting them to different accounts, and manages the following information:

  • item master data,
  • issued documents,
  • payment methods for issued documents,
  • inventory discharges of sold items.


Bidirectional web services available

POS Interface provides bidirectional Web Services that allow you to:

  • populate the POS system with the item data and the related departments starting from the setups made in the Hotel Back Office;
  • import the accounts issued by the POS system and generate accounting documents of both the Consideration and Invoices type, including the relative customer data previously recorded in the POS;
  • manage the unloading of the warehouse of the products sold, also by managing the recipes of the dishes sold like a production bill of materials.

Thanks to a management dashboard it is possible to keep under control the different days imported, and any errors found.

POS Interface: screenshots

POS Interface menu in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Setup and mapping page of POS Interface

Setup and mapping page of POS Interface for file import from Micros Simphony POS


Verrai richiamato dai nostri specialisti nell’ERP Microsoft e nella suite di App Tempo Zero .
I nostri consulenti sono a tua disposizione per approfondimenti su contenuti, funzionalità, modalità di fruizione a beneficio della tua azienda e per una demo personalizzata.


Per attivare l’APP è necessario contattare NAV-lab per INFO COSTI e SUPPORTO per download e implementazione.
E’ necessario sottoscrivere il relativo contratto di servizio online a canone mensile / annuale (SaaS – Software as a Service).
Il costo del servizio varia in base al numero utenti.