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Tempo Zero Provvigioni

APP NAV-lab to manage and calculate the salespeople’s commissions

Tempo Zero PROVVIGIONI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Does your company promote sales through sales agents? Do they get paid in commissions based on the orders they promote?

Do you need to easily manage and keep under control the various commission calculations and all the commission phases, in an automated way and with simple commands within Business Central?

The Tempo Zero Provvigioni extension inserts into Business Central the automatisms to manage and calculate the commissions to be paid to agents.

The proposed extension includes, as its pre-requisite, the Tempo Zero Cloud APP

Tempo Zero Provvigioni per Business Central

Microsoft Certified APP

Displaying the menu from which you can use the Tempo Zero Provvigioni

Menu Tempo Zero Provvigioni

Definitions and characteristics of an agent for the calculation of commissions and for liquidation

Caratteristiche Agente in Tempo Zero Provvigioni

Setup to define the rules for calculating commissions

SetUp App Tempo Zero Provvigioni

List of commissions calculated, accrued and settled for the various documents

Lista Provvigioni in Tempo Zero Provvigioni

Inserting and detailing a new line of commissions

Inserimento dettaglio nuova riga Tempo Zero Provvigioni

A printout to send to the agent

Stampa per l'agente in Tempo Zero Provvigioni
Tempo Zero PROVVIGIONI for Business Central: advantages

Compensation for your agents manage it with Tempo Zero PROVVIGIONI APP

Keep the salespeople’s commissions under control from your desktop

The Tempo Zero Provvigioni App integrates Business Central ERP by adding a complete form to define rules and manage the entire process of the commissions, from the forecast calculation to the vesting until their liquidation, both for agents and for area managers.

This App is strongly parameterizable and can manage commissions accrued based on the turnover and the amount collected (total and partial).

The calculation rules can consider:

  • the applied discounts,
  • the quantity or the value in the document,
  • and are differentiable by categories of customers, items and agents.

Tempo Zero Provvigioni also provides:

  • the management of the area manager
  • the possibility of adopting and entering rewards / penalties for the agent
  • the introduction of commission entries and manual changes according to the documents
  • highly customizable complete printouts through filters on commission transactions

Thanks to simple and clear printouts, you can summarize the calculation of commissions and promptly communicate it to your agents.

The app also guides the company through the process of liquidation of accrued commissions.

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