Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs: extended job order features to manufacturing and assembly

Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs

Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the APP developed by NAV-lab for the management of worldwide companies working on order.

Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs extends job order management to different business areas through features added to the standard Business Central.

If your company produces on order and handles the budgeting and accounting of costs and revenues of commissioned projects, with Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs you can have an extended order management over the standard ERP and benefit from versatile and easy-to-use features.

The APP extends job order management to the Assembly and Manufacturing areas of the ERP.

The App comes from Tempo Zero Jobs, the job order management extension dedicated to companies with Italian taxation.

Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs Gestione commesse

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Tempo Zero Worldwide

Gestione delle commesse con Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs

Tempo Zero Worldwide JOBS: additional features to your ERP

Job Order Management in Assembly and Manufacturing

Users can also use job orders in the Manufacturing and Assembly areas. Tools are provided that speed up the creation of supply and dispatch documents related to the different areas.

All entries made by selecting job and task (purchases, sales, consumption, time entries of resources) will flow costs and revenues directly into the archives: the job card will become the point where its progress can be precisely controlled.

Task Allocation

Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs gives the option of assigning default tasks to:

  • specific items;
  • work centers;
  • production areas;

so that consumption and processing times are allocated and divided automatically.

Tempo Zero Worldwide Jobs: screenshots

Job order card with cost data from purchase, assembly, production records

Production order with job selection option

Tempo Zero Jobs: seleziona della commessa nell'ordine produzione

Possible actions on job planning lines to generate supply and shipping documents

Tempo Zero Jobs genera documenti aprrovvigionamento e spedizione

On each planning line, the method of provisioning can be determined

Tempo Zero Jobs determina metodo di approvvigionamento


Verrai richiamato dai nostri specialisti nell’ERP Microsoft e nella suite di App Tempo Zero .
I nostri consulenti sono a tua disposizione per approfondimenti su contenuti, funzionalità, modalità di fruizione a beneficio della tua azienda e per una demo personalizzata.


Per attivare l’APP è necessario contattare NAV-lab per INFO COSTI e SUPPORTO per download e implementazione.
E’ necessario sottoscrivere il relativo contratto di servizio online a canone mensile / annuale (SaaS – Software as a Service).
Il costo del servizio varia in base al numero utenti.