Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium: features for worldwide manufacturing companies

Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium

App tailored for manufacturing companies: it makes them more flexible, more efficient with more control tools.

Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the app developed by NAV-lab to modernise the manufacturing area of your company: it expands the manufacturing area within the Business Central standard.

We have identified the features most required by manufacturing companies: production managers need to continually review production plans and meet short deadlines with minimal risk margins.

We have therefore created for modern manufacturing companies the Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium App, which adds to the Business Central standard the flexibility, efficiency and control needed to be able to respond with agility to specific international market demands, while maintaining production control, cost control, traceability and job order management.

The activation of Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium, together with the Tempo Zero Worldwide App – its pre-requisite – reduces the need to introduce the additional customisations usually required by Manufacturing Managers.

The extension is suitable for use by companies on the worldwide market.

It contains the best features included in the Tempo Zero Premium App for Italy, and meets the needs of Italian NAV-lab customers with offices abroad and of foreign companies, also with offices in Italy.

Tempo Zero Worlwide Premium per il manufacturing

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Pre-requisite: Tempo Zero Worldwide

Manufacturing - App Tempo Zero worlwide premiun per Microsoft Business Central
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The NAV-lab R&D Laboratory has been working continuously since 2003 to improve and supplement the Microsoft ERP with new features, in line with innovation and adaptations to the worldwide market. Timely support is also provided.

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Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium:
additional features to the standard Business Central manufacturing area


Thanks to the flexibility of ‘disassembly’ functionality, a product already partially or totally assembled has to be disassembled and then reproduced in a different configuration.

Orders, considered closed, can be reopened to be modified.


  • The disassembly of a produced item (restoration of components in stock and rectification of the finished product).
  • The reopening of a production order (change from completed to released state).
  • Closing a production order even if some movements or adjustments have been made and the output completely reversed.


When companies have a very wide range of items and consequently many BOMs (bills of materials), even minimal technical development may require updating many of them. The subdivision of production into many orders of a few pieces means that order closure registration activities can be demanding.


  • Possibility of massive replacement of components on the production BOMs  to facilitate modification operations (massive insertion of a new article, massive replacement of the existing article with a new article and possible relative quantity, massive elimination).
  • Possibility of massive closing of completely finished production orders (for which the output has been completely recorded).
  • The generation of production orders from the Planning Worksheet directly in the released state.


For effective monitoring of production progress, raw material and semi-finished product requirements and subcontracting, Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium offers a dashboard of tools that provide the production manager with an effective overview.


  • Statement with analysis of the progress of subcontracting order lines with the identification of the status of transfers to subcontractors.
  • Overview of requirements, with indication of expected income and expenses, ordered on the basis of time and accumulated stock at the date. This feature makes it possible to easily plan the company’s requirements, based on expected production and sales.
  • Addition of statistical details useful in the production planning phase and on the MRP/MPS prospectus.
  • Production Shopfloor: advanced management of production progress (with global overview of the status of production orders and any delays).
  • Advanced shipment and reception plans, for the improvement of goods receipt and shipment operations.
  • Several improvements to production printing, with the introduction of barcodes for the progress of the stages of production orders.
  • Monitoring of Ouput / Consumption for the location: a specific page allows the simultaneous display of all output and consumption movements posted on a location (based on warehouse management). Using filters, it is possible to analyse/verify the status of the various production documents.

Job Orders, Costing and Traceability

  • Job order movement report and evaluation (by job order size).
  • BOM Valuation at Last Cost: calculation and display with references to cost source documents.
  • Analysis of the Production Orders with Costing.
  • Traceability on Production Orders: displays and reports showing the movements per production order, including the posting date and batch/serial number, the stock situation detailed per batch with the option to aggregate quantities produced and production times by posting date.

Tempo Zero Worldwide Premium: screenshots

Replacing components in production BOMs
The BOM component replacement function allows the user to perform a massive advanced management of component replacement

The Disassembly of Production Orders function restores recorded production movements,
returning components to their original warehouses.

Evolution of requirements
With this function the user can analyze how the quantity of a specific article evolves over time,
also considering the expected incoming or outgoing warehouse movements.


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